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Spotlight Hobbies Message Board Rules

1. DO NOT, under any circumstance, use the "<" or ">" symbols in the subject line.

2. Flaming and cursing will not be tolerated. Any post containing a flame or foul language, including foul language with symbols replacing some of the letters, will be removed. If you have a concern with Spotlight Hobbies, please contact us directly. Posts pertaining to politics, religion or other sensitive issues will be deleted, as will posts that attack or berate individuals or companies. We reserve the right to remove any posts or threads that we feel are inappropriate.

3. You must use your name or a unique handle. When using a handle it must be practical and consistent. Handles such as “lurker,” “me,” etc. appear taunting or secretive and are not permitted. When using a handle that doesn't make your identity clear, we reserve the right to request your name and/or the handle(s) you've posted under previously. Such information will be kept confidential.

4. Spotlight Hobbies is the owner and operator of this message board and provides it as a free service to you. Advertising or promoting businesses (including chain stores and hobby shops) or web sites in any way, shape or form, even if indirectly, is not permitted. Likewise, links to websites selling any commercial product are not permitted. This is not an "ad section," please refrain from posting items you want to buy, sell or trade. Promoting or advertising one’s own product, service or web site on the board is not permitted. Links to e-Bay auctions containing models for sale is not unlike posting models for sale on the board and will be deleted. In addition, eBay buyers and sellers tend to consider links to their auctions to be unwanted interference. Photos or info from live auctions cannot be posted. Information about swap meets and club events is welcome.

5. Posting negative comments about a kit in a reply to an ad we post is not acceptable, and will be deleted. It’s no different from standing in front of a store criticizing their products to customers coming in. Discussing the pros and cons of a kit in a positive manner in a separate conversation is fine, but not if the post is just to criticize. If you discover an imperfection in a kit, perhaps see if you can figure out a way to help others correct it, or write the company and suggest a way for them to fix it.

6. A lot of people tape races and other sports to watch later, and they don’t want to know who won, or even any hints, until they watch it. So if you post something involving race or other sports results, please keep the details in the post, not in the title, and put "race info" or “game results” or something like that in the subject line so a person knows what’s inside and can choose whether or not to open it.

7. If your entire message is contained in the subject line, you do not need to include "N/M" (no message). Just leave the message box empty and it will automatically put it in the subject line for you. If you post a message and it does not show up, it's most likely because your browser did not reload the page but instead pulled it out of cache. Click on "reload" or "refresh" and it should appear. Likewise, when you bring up the message board and it looks like it did the last time you viewed it, click on "reload " or "refresh". There is a setting on your computer which will cause it to load the new page each time you go to it.

8. Please don’t post messages that would be of no interest to anyone else (such as the status of an order). Call or e-mail us instead. (Nearly every "late" order is simply because there has not been enough time for us to get to your order and ship it and for the carrier to get it to you.)

Sorry there have to be so many rules. All we're really asking is that you show a little courtesy & respect for each other, the board and us.

Thanks, Tom Carter, Spotlight Hobbies

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